Vision & Mission



To produce a generation of people of the Qur'an who are knowledgeable, faithful, charitable, integrated, virtuous, and able to bring and convey the message of Islam to the community


Build a Muslim community based on the Al-Quran and Sunnah and balanced with mainstream education able to develop the ummah according to the development of a world without borders.


1) To produce a generation of memorized Al-Quran who are skilled, skilled and do good deeds with the contents of the Al-Quran, as well as a moving Al-Quran.

2) To produce a generation that is responsible in all aspects and can be independent in facing the currents of the modern world.
3) To produce a balanced generation mentally, physically and spiritually.

4) To produce a generation that is disciplined and has a high spirit of jihad in order to respond to the demands of today's religion.

5) Highlight the Islamic education system based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah and which can provide competition to secular education.

6) Prove to the community that this Maahad Tahfiz Mumtazatut-taqwa is able to make a great contribution to the Religion, Nation and Country in the process of upholding the Islamic teachings in the land of Allah SWT