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Sasaran Kutipan ialah RM8,000,000

๐Ÿ“ฃ Jumlah kutipan semasa ialah RM 4,460,852.99 (dikemaskini pada 25hb Ogos 2023)

Healthy Food
Land Purchase

Purchase of 1 acre of land as a new building site

New Building

The building includes lecture rooms, offices, dormitories and so on to carry out learning and educational activities.

Islamic Center

Carry out spiritual education activities and religious activities to students and staff to create understanding while creating a sense of goodwill among each other.

Pure Water
Learning Aid

Teaching aids and the use of the latest technology in the educational process

Love & Care

Basic equipment and furniture for fun and help the educational process and student facilities

Travel Activities

Maintenance and management services to streamline the process of education and student excellence


Efforts to create a genuine Islamic education system based on the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah requires a mobilization of energy from all walks of life of Muslims, both economists and scholars towards supporting the ideals and spirit of Islam.

Maahad Tahfiz Mumtazatut Taqwa was established in 2013 on the efforts and initiatives by the Selangor State Al-Quran Tahfiz Institutions Association (PITAS).


This Maahad offers full-time Al Quran memorization education and the basics of Fardhu Ain, Arabic, Tajweed and Morality. The period of study is for 3 years.

The quality of student memorization is highly emphasized. To maintain the quality of memorization, the ithbat (tasmik reading) memorization program of 10 components - 30 components is carried out periodically with the panel program of the Selangor State Tahfiz Al Quran Institutions Association (PITAS).

Di antara amal kebajikan yang sangat dianjurkan dilakukan di bulan Ramadhan adalah tadarus Al-Qurโ€™an. Tadarus Al-Qurโ€™an berarti membaca, merenungkan, menelaah, dan memahami wahyu-wahyu Allah SWT yang turun pertama kali pada malam bulan Ramadhan.โ€ (QS. Al Baqarah ayat 185)

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